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Steaming & Ironing

Steaming and ironing are two effective ways to de-wrinkle textiles, but steaming carries some additional benefits that will help prolong the lifespan of your garments.

Steaming serves multiple purposes, as the hot steam not only removes wrinkles but also fights unpleasant odors and bacteria. Since you do not have to wash your clothes as often when using a steamer, the lifespan of your garments gets extended. Steaming is ideal for delicate textiles like silk, velvet, and cashmere. A steamer is also a smart tool to use when traveling to quickly freshen up your clothes on the go.

How to use a steamer
An iron is a traditional tool for removing wrinkles and creases from fabrics. For a wrinkle-free result, use a spray bottle with water to create steam or use a steam iron with a built-in steam feature. The main drawback of using an iron is that it will press the fabric fibers down and make them flat. Be careful when steaming delicate materials, as ironing can leave scorch marks. If you still want to create pressed details, our Iron Steamer is a gentler alternative.
Removing wrinkles
Ironing and steaming are two effective methods of removing wrinkles from your textiles. However, steaming is a gentler alternative, as the hot steam lifts and makes the textile fibers swell instead of pressing them down, which allows them to regain their natural shape. Steaming is also a much gentler way to de-wrinkle delicate fabrics like silk, and garments that cannot be ironed due to their shape or texture, like draped, pleated, or beaded items of clothing.
Removing odors
Contrary to popular belief, washing is not the only way to remove unpleasant odors from your clothes. Most odors can be reduced or even removed by airing out your textiles overnight. Steaming is another option since the hot steam kills bacteria. After airing out and steaming you can finish off with a Fabric Spray and your clothes will smell fresh again. If none of these methods work, pre-soak your clothes with our Odor Control Laundry Detergent for a while before washing like usual.